Upcoming Events

  • Dec 5

    CoNDUIT 44

    Our junior racing league is back for its 42nd iteration! We welcome those who are newer to ND racing to practice and learn with racers of a similar skill level. Races will take place throughout the week, hosted by community members, with a final showcase on our main channel.

  • Dec 12

    PuzzDOR 7

    The long-awaited PuzzDOR is back! PuzzDOR is a unique tournament in which community members create custom dungeons, often featuring obscure mechanics from the game, for others to solve. Sign up to be a racer, a level maker, or both!

  • Dec 19

    FestiveDOR 4

    Our final tournament of 2020 will be a variety show, with a chance to showcase full graphical mods and race some of the best meme categories from years past.