The first casted CaHOOT tournament is on RIGHT NOW! Come see us on Speedgaming, and check out our bracket!

Upcoming Events

  • June 17

    CaHOOT 1

    CaHOOT 1 is a Necrothon-style event where players compete to submit the best times in five categories, with $1000 in prizes. Check out the standings here.

  • June 23

    CaHOOT 2

    Our first live Cadence of Hyrule racing tournament, showcasing a week's worth of dedicated tech hunting and strategizing! Check out our bracket here.

  • July 08

    CaHOOT 3

    The first Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer featuring The Legend of Zelda Weekly Racing Tournament presented by CoNDOR. Tournament begins on 8 July, with length and format to be announced soon.

  • July 20

    CoNDUIT 32

    The 32nd installment of our Necrodancer Universal Invite Tournament, featuring old and new racers alike in our junior tournament.