Racer Stats: RoyalGoof


Infolook guys, look! it's one of my greatest achievement, Wario Land 4 on the Gameboy Advance, HAHAHA! and looks guys, look! the Virtual Boy, ultimate classic system! um.. guys you remember Wario Land? incredible, incredible.

Record2 - 2
Average Win20:51.75
Fastest Win19:02.63

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LeagueStart timeRacer 1Racer 2Cawmentary
CoH June 27th, 01:00 itsmedash2 0 - 2 RoyalGoof MacSG | 📺 Ratracing
CoH July 4th, 01:00 d_tea 2 - 0 RoyalGoof MacSG | 📺 Ratracing

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CoH RoyalGoof vs. spootybiscuit MacSG | 📺 Unclaimed